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My NFT offsetting project

To the new owner of this NFT,


We believe in love and care for the planet. We believe that artists should be able to share their work and make a living, but that the planet shouldn't suffer for it. 


We know that creating and selling an NFT generates a huge volume of carbon dioxide, and while we want to move towards a decentralised trading system, it’s critical that we minimise the negative impact on our planet. That's why we have decided to do something a little different with our NFT. 


The average NFT generates 211kg of CO2. While this may not sound like much, we often talk of the CO2 emissions of massive corporations or entire nations. When we consider that it’s roughly the same CO2 emission as a million Google searches, or burning 100 litres of petrol, we start to see just how much it is. 


One might say that offsetting is the natural solution, and while it is a step in the right direction, we feel that by itself, it’s not enough to lift a 211kg weight off our shoulders. That’s why we’ve created this project, to bring more awareness to the scale of an NFT’s CO2 cost.


We will of course, still be offsetting this project, but because we’re ambitious, as so many artists are, we’ve decided to offset it 100 times over, in the hopes that we can offset any and all the hidden CO2 costs as well. We feel that this is an important step in the right direction to closing the loop and taking responsibility for the impacts of our digital lives. 


We request that upon receipt of the NFT, you do not transfer or sell it on. Once the purchase has been confirmed, we will pass you the receipts of the carbon credit purchase. 


You will be the proud owner of a carbon-neutral NFT, and all the bragging rights associated. 


If things change, and you decide to trade it on, we kindly ask that you carry the torch onwards, and offset any new CO2 generated; a task we would be delighted to assist you with. 


Please join us in our journey towards a more sustainable WEB3 world. Let's protect our planet together. 


Jessica + Kahal 

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