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Bespoke Collection Production

You have an idea, a vision. We have the technical know-how.


Isadoska is a design agency that specializes in turning a digital idea into a fully formed design, ready to be sent straight to manufacturing. We offer bespoke services so no matter the size of your project, there's always ways to bring it to life.


How do we do this? By working digitally.


We have a packaged structure that allows designers to produce and accelerate to market testing rapidly. The benefits include:

Clear Visualization :

We go beyond the 2D CAD drawings and working 3D, ensuring you see what the final product will look like right from the start.

Rapid testing and development :

By working in Clo3d garments can be altered quickly with no physical waste.

Content Creation :

Once all your designs are made you will receive clear 3D imagery and animations of your product, perfect for all your socials.

Digital Production

Your garment is built using professional pattern cutting techniques, ensuring it's feasibility.

Willow 1_4-min.png

The Process

Clear Visuals

Materials, shapes and textures are tested, giving you a realistic snap shot of the 3D piece, making revisions easy and giving you confidence of the final outcome.

tech pack image 2.png

Tech Pack Creation 

Tech packs are built to ensure theres no miss communication between you and your manufacturer.


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Case Study: Cherny Enterprises  

Cherny Enterprises: 

 The Holy Man

Over 80 designs were produced for Cherny Enterprise's production of the Holy Man. Due to the large volume 3D digital designs were created to enable easy testing and iterations prior to sampling and production.



This way the production was able to minimise the waste created and keep them on the pathway for a sustainable production.

Curious to see your designs in digital 3D? 

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