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Who’s behind the ISADOSKA scenes?

Jessica Evans. Bio-digital designer. Future Thinker. Change Maker.

Passionate, driven and a believer that by practising science fiction thinking and manifesting solutions, a new way of life can be created. Problems arising through climate change steer a need for sustainable practices and collaboration. My goal is to develop dynamic solutions and designs that positively impact a rapidly changing environment.

A BA Hons in fashion design laid the groundwork for a love of creative expression and conceptualisation. The ability to explore fantasy and escape into a new world. 

Innate respect for our planet led to uncovering the world of Biodesign, where nature acts as our Collaborator. A Masters’ in Biodesign at Central Saint Martins deepened this understanding and enabled it to be brought into action. 


Mycelium, algae and bacteria are common contributors to my work, which ranges from the concrete to speculative. When combined with technology, these materials breathe life into my vision of a cleaner future that proactively combats the climate crisis.


With a background in fashion design that quickly evolved into the design of digital collections, my practice contributes to revolutionising the industry by exploring how physical waste can be reduced and critical natural resources can be protected.

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It's not all talk...

Fashion Design, BA Hons (First Class), University of South Wales (2017 - 2021 )

Biodesign, Masters, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (2023)

Speaker at Synthesis, De Montfort University (2022)

Panellist at Synthesis, De Montfort University (2023)

Biodesign Workshop Leader, University of South Wales (2023)

‘How to Get into Biodesign’ Workshop Leader, University of South Wales (2023)

Workshops at USW on Biodesign and how to get into Biodesign (2023)


Shortlisted, Fashion Innovation Award, Graduate Fashion Week (2021)

Shortlisted, Accessories Award, Graduate Fashion Week (2021)

Showcased, Tom Dixon Studio, Kings Cross London (2021)

Nominated, Mullen Lowe NOVA Award, Central Saint Martins (2023)

Shortlisted for ArtThreads Global design Awards (2023)


Advanced coding, SheCodes PLUS (2023)


Sleek Magazine The Impact Review: Beyond the Petri Dish  by Rose Dodd (2023)

UAL Graduate Showcase


I could start by telling you how great I am, but with clients like these I don’t need to:

"I think you're an amazing teacher! You're very kind, friendly, easy to talk to and enthusiastic about what you teach. I can't wait to learn from you more and I hope more people can see that and learn from you too! You're awesome!" - Hazel 




I get a kick out of combining disparate elements to deliver innovative, stand-out work. How?


Walking the road less travelled. Proactively taking risks. Challenging social conventions. Being innately nosey…

What would happen if you evolved alongside those with shared values?

Empathy & Sustainability


When it comes to people and the planet, I care. A lot.


A need to protect and prioritise the well-being of both runs deep. It keeps me openly communicating, actively engaging with the needs of my clients and environment, and relentlessly striving for deeper understanding.


Nature is our provider and home. Collaborating with both her and each other is our lifeline.


Interested in working together? 

Whether that's for a sustainability researcher, someone to help your fashion company onboard to Web 3.0 or just to chat, hit the button below, let's have a (no strings attached) coffee and call!

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