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Solar Punk
Digital Designer 

A digital designer fascinated by the intersection of 

identity, nature and technology

I bring together digital fashion and algae. NFT’s and carbon credits. I explore how our natural world and technology can combine together to design regenerative systems for a better ecological future. 


Solar Punk 

Is an artistic movement combining technology, nature and community
to build planetary solutions for a sustainable future.

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Digital Fashion

Is the creation of digital clothing

assets to enable self-expression and sustainability in virtual spaces and

Web 3 practices.



Is the integration and collaboration

of organisms to create new

products and services for

a regenerative future. 

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What We Do

Biodesign World Visualisation

The research and creation of 3D digital worlds showcasing how living organisms can be intertwined into our daily lives, combining digital fashion with sustainable practices..


This is more than just trees and forests (although we like those too).


Were talking about algae, mycelium and bacteria.  

Digital Fashion Design 


Designing and constructing digital fashion garments, streamlining your design process from ideation to sampling and production.  

Designs can be tested through social media to anticipate demand through campaign imagery and AR interactive experiences. 


Ready to equip your sustainable and financial vision for the future with the support and expertise that sets you apart?

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