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Digital Fashion: Unleashing the power of your creativity 

Curious about what you can do? 

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Creators who have no formal fashion education but want to build accurate patterns in clo3d.


who have formal fashion education but don't have access to physical patterns


who want to build their own clothing in 3D and have a professional block to scale match their body measurements

Our Products: 

block patterns lay 2.png

Woman's UK Size 8 Block (Sloper) Patterns

This is the foundational shape of a bodice, trouser, and skirt patterns with darts and is designed to fit the standard Clo3d avatar.

block patterns lay.png
Design work_0-min.png

From Digital Fashion to Physical Fashion 

A step-by-step process for taking your digital patterns from Clo3d into the real world

final waist coat.png

Clo3d and Blender for Beginners

A Step by Step Course explaining how to build a total look in Blender


Our users LOVE them

Louise Thornton, LDN

"Wow! I can't believe how much easier Clo3D has become since I downloaded these pattern blocks! They're like magic for my designs. So thrilled to have found them"

Morgan James, NY

"Impressive quality and functionality. These Clo3D pattern blocks have truly elevated the standard of my work and sped up my process. Highly recommended for any serious fashion designer."

Lisa Driver, MI

"These pattern blocks for Clo3D? Game-changer! They've made my design process way smoother. Totally worth using if you're into fashion design and garment creation."

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