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Arriving at the contact page means you’ve got a good dose of curiosity in your core values – snap! I can already tell we’re on the same wavelength…


By now, you’ve realised you’re onto something and you’re about to take action. That means you’re the ‘make it happen’ type I love working with.


Needing someone to help you get to grips with Clo3d or other digital software? This is the form to complete.


Looking for expert digital creation? Here’s the form for you.


Ready for a pioneer at the forefront of this emerging industry to pour into your audience and leave them both inspired and challenged? Head this way.


If you’re not in any of those camps: email [clickable address that opens an email straight away] and tell me a little about what you’re after.





Then what?

Whether you’re emailing or form-ing:

  1. Hit send. Reaching out is free and comes with zero pressure or obligation

  2. Exhale. Before moving on with your busy schedule, breathe that sigh of relief knowing that all your digital biodesign needs will soon be taken care of.

  3. Ta-da! I will be in your email inbox within 5 business days telling you if I can help and how we can move you one step closer to where you want to be.


If you just can’t wait to connect and hear more, why don’t you head over to  TIKTOK/@isadoska for all things bio-digital design. See you there!

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