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The Green Matrix Phygital Fashion Show 

“The Green Matrix” phygital (physical + digital) fashion show by Ecoolska & Isadoska (showcased during the Milan Fashion Week at Digital Couture Summit and at NFT Paris conference at Digital Fashion Week in Paris) — a thrilling blend of the physical sustainable fashion world and digital innovation brought by Olska Green, a founder of Ecoolska, a next-gen sustainable phygital fashion brand and Jessica Evans, a fashion designer research (focusing on sustainability and digital fashion), the visionary founder of Isadoska.


It is more than just a fashion show, it is a provocative storytelling how we can change our fashion industry into sustainable and innovative one. The project highlights the importance of sustainable material utilization, showcasing the journey of creating innovative textiles from algae combined with upcycling material.


Algae offer a promising avenue for sustainable textile production, blending seamlessly with upcycled materials and providing a natural, eco-friendly dyeing solution. Their benefits extend beyond environmental sustainability to include positive effects on human skin.


Biodesign world visualization: the video highlights a futuristic design studio showcasing how algae can be used to create fashion materials for the future. When combined with material upcycling, this can create unique designs and ways of styling clothing. ​


“The Green Matrix” translates a symbiotic relationship between nature and technology in a bold and stylish manner, while emphasizing the significance of sustainable practices in fashion.

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