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The collection Tophisms is an ode to my personal growth in the past year. Since graduating my Masters in July 2023, the last year has flown by. To fast almost for my liking. Trophisms is a strong reflection of that. There have been so many stages of design and development, over the last 7 months as this was a slow-burning project, but has become an accurate reflection of my growth.

Tropisms are found in plants and are an adaption that forces the plant to change to thrive in its environment. This can be seen by sunflowers rotating throughout the day, trees that grow in a curve to find sunlight or flowers that only pollinate at a certain time of day to ensure maximum success.

Enthralled by these processes, key tropisms, phototropism, gravitropism, hydrotropism, and thigmotropism inspire each look of my new collection.

It's a process of pivoting, adaptability, laying down roots and developing new foundations, learning and growing, feelings that have dominated my world for the last year. 

Tropisms are inspired by adaptability, designed for extreme climates, with some looks created with zero-waste pattern techniques.

While this collection for me is about the invisible growth that takes place when starting a creative business, it's principles stretch further. Such as how can we live like plants and adapt for climate change. How can we manipulate and remold current systems under ecological and consumer pressures?


In nature's dance, where gravity holds sway,

Geotropism guides the tender seed's plight,

Its quest for light, is yearning to display

The grace of growth, defying endless night.


Auxin, the silent herald, leads the way,

Through layers of soil, towards the sun's warm light,

A ballet of roots, in night and day,

They stretch, they strain, they seek with all their might.


In fabric's folds, a tale begins to weave,

A metaphor of growth, of struggle, strife,

The bottom half, with roots that softly cleave,

To earth's embrace, in search of richer life.


While pleats above, in constriction grieve,

A symbol of the tension in this life.



Amidst the touch of wind and gate's embrace,

Thigmotropism guides the plant's deface,

In seeking support, it finds its place,

A dance of growth, in nature's tender grace.


As society's winds blow strong and free,

And new directions call with urgency,

It's easy to feel lost, alone, and desire to flee,

In search of hands to hold, to guarantee.


But Thigmotropism whispers soft and low,

That support may come from where we least expect,

In every touch, a chance for growth to show,

And in the unfamiliar, our strength collect.


For just as plants bend, twist, and adapt,

So too can we, in change, find our path mapped.


With introspection done, the journey's next phase,

In seeking resources, we find our stride,

Just as plants seek waterways,

Hydrotropism stays their steadfast guide.


With roots entwined, we break through the concrete crust,

Disturbing paving stones, we forge our way,

In growth, resilience is our only trust,

As we adapt and shape, come what may.


So too, we seek the team, the skilled, the wise,

To aid our growth, to shape our path ahead,

Through trials and tribulations, we devise,

A network strong, where aspirations spread.


So let us drink from life's abundant well,

In unity, our strength and stories swell.



In light's embrace, the journey finds its way,

Photosynthesis, the dance of life unfolds,

From carbon dioxide to oxygen's array,

In radiant beams, vitality beholds.


Through twists and turns, in quest of light's caress,

Phototropism guides the plant's ascent,

In abstract growth, they strive to manifest,

A path unique, with every bend content.


So too, the creative soul, in search of light,

Navigates trials, unforeseen and vast,

In research, development, the constant fight,

To overcome, adapt, and make steadfast.


Through twists and turns, we reach towards our goal,

In flowering moments, we find our role.

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